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Job Title: Full time Paramedic
Category: EMS
Status: Expired
Salary: $16.00 - 17.50


Description of Organization


The City of El Campo is located on US Hwy 59 between Houston and Victoria. El Campo has an estimated population of 11,600. El Campo EMS is a municipal -run service funded by tax dollars generated by an Emergency Services District and collections. El Campo EMS maintains five response-ready ambulances and one reserve ambulance. El Campo EMS has 14 full time medics and approximately 25 part time medics.  El Campo EMS has two on-duty crews 24/7 and a third crew staffed during the weekdays by administration. Annual call volume is approximately 3000 calls consisting of both 911 and transfers.


General Duties and Responsibilities


The paramedic is responsible for providing patient care according to protocols set forth by the medical director. The ability to provide proper assessments and provide the appropriate treatment is paramount. Full time paramedics often work with part time team members that are not paramedics. The paramedic must be able to take charge and be responsible for the entire patient care experience. A well written patient care report is expected for every patient encounter. Additional duties include station duties, maintenance of ambulances, daily supply checks, narcotic counts, and other duties as assigned. 

Publication Date/Time:
2017-12-07 12:00:00
Closing Date/Time:
2018-01-11 12:00:00

Qualifications / Requirements  


  1. Paramedic or Licensed Paramedic Certification from Texas Dept. State Health Services
  2. One year  of 911 experience is preferred





Full time paramedics are assigned to a 24/72 rotation plus the option to pick up a short week shift. This position is an hourly position starting at $16.00 - $17.50 per hour depending on experience, subject to overtime after 40 hours per week. $3600 annually for certification pay is available after completion of 6 month probationary period. Paid continuing education classes are offered monthly. All other uniformed city benefits. 

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